The secret to success is incremental goal setting


Success in many endeavours is the result of consistently achieving a goal that can be met even in difficult and very busy times. 

This is also true in achieving a level of fitness, with exercise for health, well-being and getting stronger.  Adopting an incremental exercise goal that you can consistently achieve even in the very busiest  and challenging times, is the key to maintaining exercise and achieving fitness.  This is also known as the ‘minimum viable exercise goal’ that you can achieve on a regular basis, and will set you up for long term habits of exercise. 


The 10-minute march to fitness! 


We also call this the 10-minute march to fitness and health because even 10 minutes of exercise a day can lead to physical and psychological benefits. Relatively short duration (10 minutes) and high intensity exercise routines can help you achieve a goals of increasing muscle strength, power and endurance when done consistently.  Think about this…10 minutes is much less than the time you likely take to get dressed and ready for the day or checking social media! By starting with an achievable, small and doable exercise goal that you can accomplish even during the most difficult times, will keep you on track and lead to an increase in fitness and health.  This is especially true if this is a new venture for you and new routine. 

The key to success, and achieving the 10 minute march is to pick a goal that you know you can achieve even on the busiest weeks.  An example could be aiming for 10 minutes of exercise that can be done at home and indoors, twice a week.  It may be tempting to try for 20 minutes, 5 times a week!  However, the likelihood that you don’t meet that goal by week 4 is greater.  Try by first setting a goal you know you will likely achieve even when you are pressed for time and motivation. You will be amazed at how achievable goals set you up for long term success and ultimately achieving the goals of increased health and fitness.

My challenge to you is to set your 10-minute goal tonight. Let me know how you go. I know you can do it!