December is the new January.

We are in the final countdown as we approach a new year. If the holiday season leaves you time-poor and fatigued, you are not alone!

Although you may struggle to find the energy to combat the end-of-the-year doldrums, your body will ‘thank you’ if you manage to stay physically active  at this time of year.  Don’t wait until January 1st to initiate your New Year’s resolution for exercise.  Build a fitness habit now! 

Brief bouts of regular activity can change your life. Fifteen minutes devoted to exercise each day will help you through this busy end-of-the-year season. It will boost your energy levels and equip you with the freedom to flourish. We all know that the benefits of exercise are enormous.  Regular exercise keeps you healthy and strong. It is life changing.


Build a fitness habit

Our Christmas Challenge is designed to be fun and energizing, and help you build a fitness habit. This short workout can be accomplished in 6 minutes. Consider completing this challenge at the start of your day, and again later in the day or combine with a brisk walk. You can download a pdf file here:  21 Day Christmas Challenge


Christmas Challenge 

(6-minute duration)

1  |  15 arm circles both arms forward | 15 arm circles backward

2  |  15 sit ups

3  |  15 bridges

4  |  15 pushups (from the knees) /wall push ups

5  |  15 heel raises

6  |  15 air squats / mini squats

21 day challenge

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