It’s time to hit the reset button.  Prolonged periods of inactivity can have dramatic and detrimental effects on your health. Research shows that people who are inactive are at a 17-25% greater risk of dying earlier than active people of the same age.  Furthermore, the benefits of routine exercise on our health include a more resilient immune system, aiding in recovery from viruses and infection, and improved sleep quality.

So how do you create different habits and routines that will allow you to stay fit while staying at home? Schedule regular 5-10-minute exercise breaks during your day and undertake an exercise challenge! As a way of helping, you create new daily exercise, make a commitment to participate in this 7-Day exercise challenge below.  Challenge 5 is a strength-based exercise routine that can stand alone or be performed in combination with the aerobic exercise challenges that are referenced below.


7-Day Exercise Challenge 5


The 7-Day Exercise Challenge 5 includes core, arm, glutes and leg exercises.

       A.  Warm up: Perform at least 60 seconds (secs) of aerobic exercise such as star or jumping jacks, running, or marching on the spot.

       B.  Main set: Complete the following exercises for 50 secs followed by 10 sec rest.

      1.   Inchworm to plank and return (or high knee marching on the spot)
      2.   Wall sit
      3.   Triceps dips
      4.   Plank (or straight arms or from knees)
      5.   Bridges
      6.   Lunges (or mini lunges)

To modify the main set based on your fitness level, increase or decrease the exercise interval time and rest time.

Easier:  30 sec of exercise: 10-15 sec rest

Harder:  60 sec of exercise: 10 sec rest

Extra Challenge: Repeat the set 1-2 X



       C.  Stretch: Complete the workout with stretches including quads, glutes and arms.


View or download our SimpliMove Health 7 Day Exercise Challenge 5


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Keep yourself accountable?

  • Buddy up with a friend and text your friend when you have completed your exercises without breaking the seven-day streak!  Send them an “accomplishment emoji.”   Day 1 ?; Day 2 ?….
  • Join us in our dedicated Facebook group.Let us know how you are going along the way.
  • When you have completed the Simpli Move Health 7-Day Exercise Challenge 5, inform us of your achievement in our  Facebook group.