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01 Using SimpliMove

What do I get?

What do I get with the Starter (free) version of SimpliMove?

The free version of SimpliMove gives you access to three tailored exercise programs of your choice, and our blog articles to help you with your movement journey.

What do I get for the Premium (paid) version of SimpliMove?

The Premium subscription provides unlimited access to all our tailored exercise programs, a 30-minute telehealth consultation with one of our clinicians, an activity tracker, and advice through our blogs articles.

Premium subscribers also have access to The SimpliMove Facebook Community, a source for support, inspiration and guidance that members utilize on their movement journey.

Do I have access to all Programs?

As a user, you can view all programs offered in each performance bracket. Premium subscribers have unlimited access to all our programs. Freemium users have access to a maximum of 3 programs. If you are a user on our free version (Freemium), you can upgrade your subscription to Premium by going to MY PROFILE and scrolling to MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION.

How do I access the telehealth consultation with a SimpliMove clinician?

Upgrading to a Premium subscription enables you to book a 30-minute consultation with a SimpliMove health clinician. The health clinician will be an accredited physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.

We encourage you to book this session early in your SimpliMove journey (within the first 2 weeks). The health clinician will seek to understand your medical and exercise history, and in conjunction with your goals and interests, discuss, plan, and advise the best way for you to proceed working through the SimpliMove programs.

You can book your telehealth consultation by navigating to the HOME PAGE. Select My Clinician and you will be guided through the online booking process to make a 30- minute appointment at a convenient time for you.

You will be sent an email and SMS reminder to your phone the day before your appointment as a reminder.

More about the app

What are performance brackets?

Performance brackets represent different levels of physical ability.

Beginner recommends fundamental programs for newcomers to exercise, or for those that may not have exercised recently, or are not confident about exercising. Additionally, this bracket includes programs in standing or sitting positions if you find it difficult getting on and off the floor to exercise.

Intermediate provides moderate level exercise programs for those who have exercised previously, or currently exercise 2-3 times a week.

Advanced offers challenging programs for people who exercise at higher levels and may wish to supplement other training.

When you initially register with SimpliMove, you are prompted to self-assign a performance bracket via a questionnaire, based on your judgment. Once you select a performance bracket, it is displayed on the HOME / MY PROFILE / ABOUT MY HEALTH section.

You can change your performance bracket at any time by retaking the questionnaire found in the ABOUT MY HEALTH section. Select the option to Retake Questionnaire and you will be guided to the performance bracket question.

What are Recommended programs?

Based on your questionnaire responses to the Goals and Interests, programs are selected for you from SimpliMove’s extensive library.

You can modify your Goals and Interests at any time as your preferences change. Do this by navigating to HOME / MY PROFILE / ABOUT MY HEALTH / Retake Questionnaire.

What are Minihits?

Minihits are a series of short-interval, high energy programs that are easy to do anywhere and anytime. They can provide a dynamic warm-up before a longer bout of exercise or increase energy levels throughout the day.  These programs aim to keep you engaged on days when you are time poor, and you have limited options to exercise.

Why do some of the exercises display the following message : ‘this is an alternative exercise’?

This message highlights any exercise modified to accommodate the pain areas you nominated in the questionnaire. You can revise your response by retaking the questionnaire:  First select HOME in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen on a mobile phone or the left navigation column on your computer/tablet. Then, select MY PROFILE, and scroll down the page to ABOUT MY SECTION, to Retake Questionnaire.

For those who experience some form of physical pain, how is this reflected in recommended programs?

The questionnaire includes a self-evaluation question about specific areas of your body (knees, back or shoulders) that you may experience pain when you move.  If you select a pain area, the exercises in your programs are automatically modified to reduce physical stress related to that area. Any modified exercise, based on your “pain areas” is highlighted with a comment stating, ‘This is an alternative exercise’.

We understand that your needs may change over time, and you can modify your choices regarding “pain areas.” You can revise your responses to the pain question by selecting HOME in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen on a mobile phone or the left navigation column on your computer/tablet. Select MY PROFILE, then scroll down the page to ABOUT MY SECTION and select Retake Questionnaire.

Pain during or after exercise

What do I do if I have pain when exercising?

Exercise and different forms of movement may generate small levels of pain.

If you experience pain when exercising, ensure that you respond to the question about pain in the questionnaire.  Your response to the pain question directly tailors your exercise programs to help reduce stress to areas you experience pain. Premium users have a 30-minute telehealth consultation with one of our health clinicians (a physiotherapist or an exercise physiologist) who can help and advise you regarding the best ways to exercise to help you manage your pain.

If you continue to experience pain when exercising – even after exercises have been modified to respond to your pain areas – reduce the number of repetitions of the exercise and perform the exercises slowly. If the pain persists, then stop and skip to the next exercise.

If your pain is persistent, please consult your physiotherapist or doctor for advice.

What should I do if I experience muscular soreness or pain in the hours and days after starting my exercise programs?

Muscular pain or soreness can occur after completing an exercise program. This is a normal adaptation of the muscle, and usually occurs the following day, and lasts up to 48 hours.

If you have persistent pain that does not diminish after the expected adaptation period, please consult your physiotherapist or doctor for advice.

02 My Account

How do I reset my password?

Go to the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen on a mobile phone or the left navigation column on your computer/tablet and click on HOME. Select MY PROFILE. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select RESET PASSWORD. Select RESET. You will be guided through changing your password by receiving a link to reset your password in your email.

03 Subscriptions and Billing

Can I access my subscription on all my devices?

Yes! Your SimpliMove subscription syncs across all of your devices (laptop, phone, tablet). Just make sure that you are logged in on each device, using the same email and password you used to set up your initial SimpliMove account.

How do I purchase a subscription?

Please visit our website or go directly to the Apple or Google stores and search for

Does my paid subscription automatically renew?

Our annual and monthly subscriptions automatically renew.

Annual subscriptions renew 365 days from the date you subscribed, unless cancelled.

Monthly subscriptions renew on the same date each month from the date you subscribed, unless cancelled.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by navigating to the HOME page/screen. This is located in the bottom navigation bar on a mobile phone, or the left navigation column on your computer/tablet.

Once you are on the HOME page/screen, select MY PROFILE. Scroll down and select MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION.

Select the option DOWNGRADE. This will guide you in cancelling your subscription with the Apple or Google app stores.

You can also go directly to the Apple or Google app stores, through your iTunes or Google Play subscriptions to disable auto-renewing.

You will still have access to the app until the date you have paid through.

04 Tech Support

Will I be able to use SimpliMove if I’m not technical?

Yes! To enjoy the full SimpliMove suite of programs, you need one of the following devices, and a wireless or wired internet connection: 

• a smartphone (iPhone, Android, or other) 

• a tablet (such as an iPad) 

• a personal computer 

SimpliMove syncs across all these devices. Just make sure that you are logged in on each device using the same email and password you used to when you set up your initial SimpliMove account. 

What support do I get?

You have direct email access to the SimpliMove team for any questions you have. Our main goal is to help you move and feel better, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us at: 

05 Security

Is my personal information safe?

We take your privacy very seriously. Read a more detailed description of our privacy policy here – Privacy Policy.



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