Getting started

Joining the movement is as easy as 1,2,3.

Download the app for free!


SimpliMove Pricing Plans

This is where it all starts

Our step-by-step guide will walk you through downloading the app, create your fitness plan, and get you started.


Download the app for free

SimpliMove is free to download. It can be accessed on your desktop computer or your mobile device. 

Sign up using either: Web app button, Google play, or Apple 

You will need to use an email address and create a password. 

Input your first and last name, and your date of birth.




Create your unique fitness plan

You can create your unique set of recommended programs tailored to your ability, your interests and goals and accommodate your areas of pain. Completing the four questions will help us build a fitness plan for you.


a) Where would you like to begin your movement journey?

Choose a performance bracket: 

  1. Beginners: I am new to exercise
  2. Intermediate: I exercise 2-3 times a week 
  3. Advanced: I exercise frequently 

This will determine the level of difficulty for each of your programs. You can access programs across all levels although your recommended programs will be sourced from your identified performance bracket. For those people who are unable to get on or off the floor we have a range of programs in standing or sitting.


b) Where are you experiencing pain?

  • Lower back 
  • Shoulders
  • Knees

Select all that are applicable. This will help us accommodate your programs. Leave this blank if you have no pain in these areas or do not wish the app to modify recommended programs for you. 

Appropriate exercises within each program to accommodate your identified pain areas. For example, if you identify your knees as a source of pain with exercise, the platform will automatically provide an alternate exercise that avoids aggravating your knee pain.


c) What are your goals?

Choose 1 or 2 goals to begin your journey. The app will recommend the best programs for you to reach your selected goals. 


d) What are your interests?

The app will recommend the best programs to help you support your selected interests. For instance, there are programs to help you become or stay fit for gardening (Garden Fit), travelling (Travel fit) or staying fit in the workforce (Work Fit/ Office Fit). 

You can change these preferences at any time by selecting the button ‘RETAKE QUESTIONNAIRE’.


Start moving and connect to ‘My Clinician’

Once you have completed the questionnaire and returned to the home page you are ready to start !

The home page displays:


a) My Programs

Select My Programs button and you will see:

• Recommended Programs – these are programs selected for you based on your preferences from the goals and interest questionnaire
• All Programs – these list all the categories and programs available in your performance bracket. You can also view programs in other performance brackets from this page.
• Minihits – these are our short programs you can do if you are running short on time.

Return to the home page by pressing HOME in the navigation bar at the bottom of the page.

There are over 200+ achievable, tailored, and intentional exercise programs developed for you by leading experts in physiotherapy and exercise physiology for you to choose from.

The free version of the app allows you to use 3 programs from your recommended list or from any other category. If you wish to use more than 3 programs on the app you will be guided to upgrade your subscription, allowing you unlimited access to all programs.


b) Book My Clinician Session

Connect to a health clinician who will ask about your medical and exercise history. This information is kept confidential. In conjunction with your goals and interests, they will discuss, plan, and advise the best way for you to proceed working through the SimpliMove programs.

You can book your telehealth consultation navigating to the HOME page and selecting ‘BOOK MY CLINICIAN SESSION’. You will be guided through the online booking process to make a 30- minute appointment at a convenient time for you.
You will be sent an email and SMS reminder to your phone the day before your appointment as a reminder of your upcoming telehealth appointment.


c) My Activity

This tracks your activity levels using the app. You can also manually add other activities such as a 30-minute walk to help you track your overall activity levels each day. This is available for paid users so if you wish to track your progress you will be guided to upgrade your subscription.


d) Blogs and Expert Health Information & Advice

Keep up with the latest health facts and information including why you experience injuries and pain doing everyday activities and how improving strength, health, and well-being acts as a protective mechanism against injury.



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