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SimpliMove empowers adults to overcome pain, protect against injuries, and prevent or manage chronic disease through medical exercise programs.

SimpliMove The Champion of Movement

“I have found the program to be hugely beneficial to my general well being. I am pain-free and stronger, able to work in my garden and other activities without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable. Exercise has become a normal part of my daily routine and I am much more aware of chances for extra incidental exercise. Add to this the fact that I can exercise without need for half hour trip to town to attend a gym and the ability to change the program I work on as I feel the need. An all round success for me.

Thank you for the opportunity to take part. I will continue to promote this very worthwhile program.”

Judy Blinman

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SimpliMove Health and Movement App

Get started with your personalised fitness plan designed for your goals and fitness levels.

  Personalised to you

200+ medical exercise programs tailored to your interests, goals and customised with guidance from a health professional.

  Mindful of your body

Programs cater to your ability level and are modified to adapt to painful areas.

  See your progress

Track all your activity, measure your progress and stay motivated.

  Designed for long-term results

100 blog articles developed by our health experts to support your long-term success.

SimpliMove Health and Movement App

Our Partnerships

SimpliMove programs

SimpliMove medical exercise programs, educational resources and telehealth have been developed to support healthy ageing by improving your strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility. We focus on everyday movement essential to living well and your overall health.






SimpliMove Look Fabulous

Look… Fabulous

Be the picture of youthful vitality, live life to the full and glow with good health

SimpliMove Look Fabulous

Feel… Confident

Enjoy your independence and feel in control of what comes next, secure in the knowledge your body can keep up with you

SimpliMove Do What You Love

Do… What You Love

Nothing will get in the way of you experiencing life, enjoying simple pleasures and embracing everything good that’s still to come

SimpliMove Online

A movement and health app for everybody

Everyone has a different start point depending on fitness levels, mobility or pain. SimpliMove meets adults 40+ where you are to create the perfect springboard for you, adapted to your needs and goals. Our app has been developed to consider and accommodate your body as it changes with time. Our focus is on healthy ageing, the best possible long-term benefits and proper movement to avoid injury.

SimpliMove Online
SimpliMove Online

The team behind our movement

We’re not a group of IT geeks or a millennial tech start up! We are experts though… in the fields of physiotherapy and exercise physiology. We’ve worked hands on supporting real people to move better and our team draws from decades of professional experience. We’re not making any assumptions. We understand based on scientific research and clinical experience what the exercise and movement needs are of older adults.



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